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Fall Lawn Cleanups for Medicine Hat Properties

Just because the weather is starting to cool, it doesn’t mean your lawn responsibilities are finished for the season. If you care about the appearance of next spring’s lawn, it’s advisable to put in the effort before the snow hits. From lawn cleanups to sprinkler blow outs, our crew does it all! We provide:

Mowing and trimming
Leaf cleanup
Sprinkler blowout

Monitor Your Mowing

Fall is the time to gradually lower the height setting on your lawnmower’s blades, being mindful not to remove more than 1/3 of the grass’ length. This allows for more sunlight exposure during the season’s waning daylight hours.

Aerating and Fertilizing

Fall conditions are generally the perfect time of year to aerate and treat your soil. Your surface grass may be growing at a slower rate, however the roots underneath are still developing and in need of oxygen, water and fertilizer.


When it comes to this fall-related activity, it’s wise not to wait until the last leaf has dropped. A blanket of wet leaves can suffocate your lawn’s development and permit the spread of fungal disease.

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