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Tree Planting and Tree Removal for Medicine Hat Homeowners

Let us appreciate the simple pleasures and benefits the common tree provides. Besides their natural beauty and environmentally-friendly attributes, strategically placed trees can help homeowners by conserving energy and reducing water consumption and soil erosion. Trees cool us in the summers, mark the seasons, and help us connect with Mother Nature.

Trees are a desirable element on any piece of residential property; that is until they become a major nuisance!

For reliable tree planting and tree removal in Medicine Hat, get in touch in with our team.

We Deal with Big Problems

Remember, trees that are diseased or encroaching on neighbouring property can ultimately jeopardize the safety and value of your home. If a problem tree isn’t dealt with swiftly, the associated future costs to you could be significant.

Whether you want a new tree planted or you need an existing one removed, B & L Lawn & Home Maintenance is up to the task. We provide the following services throughout Medicine Hat:

Tree removal
Stump grinding
Tree planting
Trimming and shaping
Shrub planting and maintenance
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